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2022 Brian Viola

2021 Dan Gabel

2020 Dan Gabel**

2019 Dan Gabel

2018 Nick Dilio

2017 Nick Dilio

2016 Nick Dilio

2015 Nick Dilio

2014 Mike Fisher

2013 Nick Dilio

2012 Brian Viola

2011 Mike Fisher

2010 Dan Gabel

2009 Chris Sanger

2008 Mike Fisher

2007 Jim Hilaire

2006 Dan Gabel

2005 Dan Gabel

2004 Steve Nosonowitz

2003 Mike Flynn

2002 Mike Flynn

2001 Steve Nosonowitz

2000 Steve Nosonowitz

1999 Terry Walsh

1998 Terry Walsh

1997 Bruce Aubin

1996 Bruce Aubin

1995 Dave Jensen

1994 Craig Busby

1993 Terry McGinnis

1992 Steve Nosonowitz

1991 Harold Girdlestone

1990 Harold Girdlestone

1989 Ed Boone

1988 Bruce Aubin

1987 Harold Girdlestone

1986 Harold Girdlestone

1985 Jim Bernard

1984 Bruce Aubin

1983 Bob Botsford

1982 Ed Burke

1981 Bruce Aubin

1980 Ralph DeStefano

1979 Bruce Aubin

1978 Ralph DeStefano

1977 Ralph DeStefano

1976 Bruce Simmons

1975 Bob Boschan

1974 George Pacheco

1973 Dick Jamieson

1972 Brad Davis

1971 Heinz Mews

1951 Johnny Cwik

1950 Joe Vallo

1949 Jack Yank

1948 Jack Yank

1947 Dean Lucarini

1946 Ray Billows

1936 Ray Billows



Since the first tournament on July 4th, 1936 when Ray Billows of Poughkeepsie defeated Joe Vallo of Beacon 4 and 3 in match play at College Hill Golf Course, the Dutchess County Amateur Tournament has gone through many changes.

After that first year, the tournament was discontinued until 1946 when Billows won again at College Hill.  The event was played from that year until 1952 when it was again discontinued.  Finally revived at Tom Carvel’s Sports City in 1971, the tournament continues 44 years later. 

After two years at Sports City, the tournament then moved to McCann Memorial Golf Course in 1973 and was held there (in a two round format) until 1997, when it moved again to Casperkill Country Club for six years.  From 2003 to 2011, a three course rotation began at McCann Memorial Golf Course, Casperkill Country Club and Dutchess Golf & Country Club.  The current rotation includes Red Hook Golf Club, The Links at Unionvale and McCann Memorial Golf Course.  As it grew in popularity, a committee was formed to help oversee the tournament, knowing that a starting field of 81 was manageable for all courses involved.   The Committee continued to make changes that helped to improve the tournament.  One of those changes was the incorporation of a qualifying round to allow newer players to have a chance of playing in the DCA.  The format of playing three rounds at three different locations starting with 81 players continued with cuts being made after the first day (low 54 and ties) and the second day (low 27 and ties).  The low 27 and ties then compete for the championship.  The low 54 and ties after the end of play on the first day are exempt from qualifying for the next year’s tournament.  The qualifying tournament was used to fill out the field of 81.

In 2015 the Committee continued its history of tweaking the tournament by eliminating the cut on the first day and changing the cut on the second day to the low 30 and ties, thus giving all golfers a chance to play two days. The low 50 and ties after the second day are exempt from qualifying for next year’s tournament.

The DCA has always had as its foundation the idea of being a self-sustaining entity that provides a show case for the best golfers of the area. It is the hope of the Tournament Committee that with the innovative changes that continue to be made, and the support of the local golfing community, the legacy of this tournament will be assured.




The Dutchess County Senior Amateur Tournament was started ten years ago.  It was thought that it would be a great idea to have a county-wide tournament where older golfers could compete for a Senior Amateur title. 

Over the years, various locations and dates have been used to try and increase the number of participants. Currently, the tournament is played at McCann Memorial Golf Course over a two day period.  Golfers who are over 50 years of age and either a Dutchess County resident or a member of a Dutchess County golf club may participate. Starting in 2015, the flites were changed.  Participants play in the following age groups:  50-59, 60-69 and 70+. 

The Tournament Committee hopes that with its continued efforts to find the right formula for success, the Dutchess County Senior Amateur will grow, prosper, and add to the rich history of the Dutchess County golfing community.



2022 Todd Jackson

2021 Jim Hamburger

2020 Todd Jackson

2019 Todd Jackson

2018 Jim Hamburger

2017 Ed Boone

2016 Jim Hamburger

2015 Fred Newswanger

2014 Steve Stuetzle

2013 Steve Nosonowitz

2012 Jim Hamburger

2011 Steve Nosonowitz

2010 Fred Newswanger

2009 Jim Hamburger

2008 Jim Hamburger

2007 Jim Hamburger

2006 Jim Hamburger

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